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Hi there! I’m John Eilermann and I’m a St. Louis, Missouri-based architecture student. For years, I’ve admired the architectural structures in my city, and that served as an inspiration for me to start pursuing architecture in my studies and future career. Many of the places here were influenced by French Colonial, German, and early American styles. It’s great to have a good understanding of the past to get on with the new trends.

My fascination for building and design has led me to this industry, and living in a city that boasts of exquisite structures has given me the chance to explore as much and as often as I would want to. Learning about this field of study has led me to notice the coming together of two important aspects of architecture: utility and aesthetics. In building and construction, this duo has to be considered greatly for a structure to be made safe and pleasing to the eyes. 

My two interest are architecture and blogging—as you may know by now—the former is the leading one. I’m excited to share with you my passion for the industry. 

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